Our lubricants range consist of the following:

Diesel Engine Oils Hydraulic Oils
Petrol Engine Oils Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid
Automatic Gearbox Oils Gear, Bearing and Circulatory Oils
Manual Gearbox Oils Steam Cylinder Oil
Differential Oils Machine Slideway Oils
Agricultural Oils Compressor Oils
Brake And Clutch Fluid Refrigiration Compressor Oils
Deagreaser Transformer Oils
Cooling System Protector Emulsifiable Mould Release Oil
Domestc and General Purpose Oils Rockdrill and Pneumatic Oils
  Heat Transfer Oil
Medicinal Oil
Multipurpose Grease Soluble Cutting Oils
Wheel Bearing Grease Neat Cutting Oils
High Temp Wheel Bearing Grease Drawing and Rolling Oils
Fifth Wheel Grease Heat Treatment Oil
Centralised System Grease Rust Preventative Oils
4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil High Temperature Greases
2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil Multipurpose Greases
  Open Gear Greases



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Shell Albida EP

Top quality, high temperature, extreme pressure multi-purpose

Shell Albida HD

Top quality, high temperature, heavy duty grease


Shell Albida HDX

Shell Albida Grease HDX2 is a high performance high temperature grease for slow moving heavily loaded large bearings subject to shock loads. It is based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a lithium complex soap thickener. Apart from containing the latest additives to ensure excellent high temperature, anti corrosion and anti oxidation performance, it also contains MoS² to ensure the grease can handle shock loads.


Shell Albida MDX

Shell Albida Grease MDX is very high performance heavy-duty grease designed for use in a wide range of industrial and mining applications. It is based on a high viscosity index mineral oil and lithium complex soap thickener. It contains selected additives to offer excellent high temperature
oxidation performance and enhanced extreme pressure, anti-wear and anticorrosion properties. Shell Albida Grease MDX also contains molybdenum disulphide to provide additional resistance to shock loading.


Shell Malleus ET

Shell Malleus Grease ET is an extreme-pressure grease, blended for industrial applications operating at temperatures up to 600°C. It is fine dispersion of small particle size graphite incorporated in a synthetic fluid with an ashless, inorganic (non-soap), non-abrasive thickening agent.


Shell Malleus JB

Shell Malleus Grease JB are heavy duty, high temperature, industrial greases for arduous slow speed plain bearing applications. They are based on an inorganic non-soap thickener dispersed in a very high viscosity base oil-containing molybdenum disulphide (MoS²). Shell Malleus Greases JB will lubricate satisfactorily and give good service life at operating temperatures up to 200°C. They are especially useful where heavy wear has occurred or access is difficult.


Shell Malleus OGM Heavy

Shell Malleus Grease OGM Heavy is primarily designed for applications in mining equipment, shovels and excavators in open cut operations. Malleus OGM Heavy is based upon an Aluminium Complex soap thickener dispersed in a high viscosity base oil containing enhanced extreme pressure – anti-wear chemistry.


Shell Malleus RN

Shell Malleus RN is a high performance sprayable running-in aluminium complex grease, based on a part synthetic base oil blend and contains micronised graphite as solid lubricant. The product chemistry is designed to cause a well-controlled smoothing process to reduce surface roughness on new and damaged open gearing.


Shell Malleus STC

Shell Malleus Grease STC are storage and thread compounds, meeting the requirements of the DEA 47(E) Committee for use as ‘green’ dopes. These greases are based on highly refined mineral oils with a calcium soap thickener and suitable additives to provide excellent corrosion protection, prevent galling of threads and ensure consistent make/break torques.



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